Camille Rowe Asks What on Earth is Wellness? – Full Series One | British Vogue

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Watch What on Earth is Wellness? in all its full-length glory and join Camille as she meets John Travis, a key part of the original ‘Wellness’ movement that emerged in 70’s California, Andy Puddicombe of Headspace, Kate Shela from 5rhythms and many more. Tune in to see what she learns on her Wellness journey
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Director: Posy Dixon for Luca

These days we can’t move for avocado Instagrams and #eatcleantraindirty, but in a sea of often conflicting information, does anyone really know what’s good for us anymore? Cryogenics, vitamin injections, supplements, crystal baths, organic food – what really works? Join Camille Rowe as she explores the modern craze for ‘wellness’, finding out how to genuinely improve your health and happiness – by learning about what is actually helpful.


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Camille Rowe Asks What on Earth is Wellness? – Full Series One | British Vogue


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