Fat cats: how to get a lazy, obese feline into perfect shape

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Pet obesity is a growing problem. Here’s the best way to address any unwelcome kitty weight gain

When the morbidly obese cat Cinderblock embarked on a weightloss journey two weeks ago, her one-paw-on-the-treadmill efforts to get trim went viral. Since the launch of her Cinder Gets Fit YouTube channel, she has gained 16,000 subscribers and dropped 0.2lb, thanks to her strict diet and exercise regimen. Pet obesity is a growing concern among vets in the UK and is linked to health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. A survey of 2,100 pet owners by Direct Line pet insurance found that, in the past year, more than a million cat owners have been told by vets that their pets are overweight. Now, I have tried to get my cat to exercise more, but if I leave him outside for the day, he does much the same as he would do indoors – sleeps. Cats are notoriously lazy, so what can we do to help them effectively lose weight?

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