Guy Shares His Cat’s Funny Reaction To Him Opening A Can Thinking It’s Tuna, Gets A Fan Comic Strip

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Every cat owner knows that whenever they open a can or package of any kind, their feline friend will take it as a dinner invitation. No matter what you’re eating, fluffy buddies will try to treat themselves a portion of your food. This behavior is so common in cats that it has become a widespread meme that never stops being hilarious.
Recently, one cat dad named Jesse Nowack, who is a voice actor and writer based on the East coast, shared a glimpse into his cat’s behavior when he opens a can of tuna, which immediately went viral. Apparently, his 4 year-old cat Khaleesi loves tuna and refuses to acknowledge that she’s not entitled to a freshly opened can of “sea meat”.
“She’s a rescue that I found in a shelter in New York. She came there apparently all the way from Florida, which no one knew the story behind when I tried to ask haha,” Jesse told Bored Panda.

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Image credits: Nowacking

Each time Jesse opens a can, Khaleesi sprints to the kitchen to see what her human is eating, however not everything is up to her liking. “I’ve briefly tried to give her human food, but she won’t eat it. Not even tuna. She’s a super picky eater and will only eat certain kinds of cat food, which can be frustrating haha,” the cat dad said.

Image credits: Nowacking

Jesse admits that his cat is quite ‘quirky’. “When she’s done using the litter box, she refuses to bury her business and will instead make a burying motion on the floor, the walls, everywhere around the litter box except in the actual litter. She also likes kicking the walls around the house with her back paws, like Thumper from “Bambi.” She’s a total weirdo and I love her,” he told us.

While no matter how much Jesse loves his fur daughter, he doesn’t always share tuna with Khaleesi.

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Even though cats are allowed to eat it once in a while, vets recommend against regularly feeding tuna to cats. As it turns out, too much ‘sea meat’ in a cat’s diet can lead to mercury poisoning. Besides, tuna doesn’t have enough nutrients needed for cats so if the feline is constantly eating it, they might become malnourished.

Image credits: Nowacking

Image credits: Nowacking

Jesse’s hilarious tweet about his cat demanding canned goods quickly went viral. It currently has over 100k likes and over 40k retweets. Someone loved his tweet so much that they even drew him fan art!

Image credits: Nowacking

Image credits: Nowacking

Image credits: Nowacking

After being asked to share some other adorable things about his cat, Jesse said: “I’m pretty sure she has separation anxiety because she cries when I’m not home. When I get back from the store, she’s very excited to see me and rushes to the door to greet me before it’s even open. Everyone that visits and sees how we interact always says, “She loves her dad so much.” She’s the most emotionally intelligent animal I’ve ever met. If I’m upset, she can tell and comes over to comfort me.”

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