Health Catalyst’s New Data-Driven Life Sciences Business | Sadiqa Mahmood, Health Catalyst

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As if an IPO weren’t enough big news for Health Catalyst in 2019, the company also launched a brand-new life sciences business, basically setting forth a new solution for a completely new set of healthcare clients. Sadiqa Mahmood, Senior VP for Medical Affairs, explains how Health Catalyst is building off their deep expertise analyzing clinical care data and adding to it the molecular data typically collected by pharma companies, biotechs, med device manufacturers, and even digital health companies in order to open up a new era of precision medicine. The idea is to enable these innovators to better define patient cohorts for targeted therapies by creating a more robust data-set that integrates clinical measures. Was this strategy part of Health Catalysts’ larger plan to go public? How have life sciences companies responded so far? Sadiqa gives us some insight on Health Catalyst’s growth plans.

Filmed at Frontiers Health in Berlin, Germany, November 2019.

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