Public Opinion on Trump’s Health Care Policies

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As of January 30, 2020, President Trump has an overall approval rating of 42.8% according to 538. He has a disapproval rating of 52.8% leading to a net rating of -10% Yet this overall number may hide heterogeneity in what people think. Maybe public opinion of President Trump is more favorable on some issues than others.

To begin to answer this question, we look at Kaiser Health News net approval rating on a variety of health care issues. On the health care front, President Trump’s net approval rating is even worse than his overall net approval rating. Across issues such as Medicare, ACA, prescriptions drugs and others, his average net approval rating across 7 topics was -15.9. This was even lower than the Kaiser Health News -14 overall net rating. President Trump scored (relatively) best on Medicare and the opioid epidemic and worse on the ACA and the cost of prescription drugs.

Only time will tell whether the negative approval ratings on health care policies will affect his electability.

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